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Pinto JC, Oliveira S, Teixeira S, Martins D, Fehn AM, Aco T, Gaya-Vidal M, Rocha J (2016) Food and pathogen adaptations in the Angolan Namib desert: Tracing the spread of lactase persistence and human African trypanosomiasis resistance into southwestern Africa. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 161(3): 436-447.
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Manco L, Pires S, Lopes AI, Figueiredo I, Albuquerque D, Alvarez M, Rocha J, Abade A (2013) Distribution of the -13910C>T polymorphism in the general population of Portugal and in subjects with gastrointestinal complaints associated with milk consumption. Annals of Human Biology, 40(2): 205-208.
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